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St Oswald's Schools project

Children and the Organ Project

Morning opening session with Yr 6 children

Leaders: Stephen Johns and Ed Stow(organ)

Afternoon opening session with Yr 5 children

Leaders: James Muckle, Stephen Johns

and Ed Stow(organ)

Playing the Organ - hands-on for the children.

Leader: Gillian Chato

What Organists Have to Do -

James Muckle setting up the PowerPoint presentation

What it Looks Like - children design organ façades and designs for pipe decoration.

Leader: Anne Johns

How it Works - a one octave demonstration organ.

Designed and made by Ed Stow

Leader: Ed Stow

Demonstration model of mechanical action.

Made by Terry Bennett

Box containing different types of organ pipe used in the opening session

Pedal Power - Stephen Johns showing a group of children how to use the feet on a pedalboard. Before getting them to have a go themselves.

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Here we illustrate some of the activities involved at one of our ‘Children and the Organ’ events.

These include an ‘Opening Session’ then the group activities, ‘Playing the Organ’, ‘How it Works’, ‘Pedal Power’, ‘What it Looks Like’ and ‘What Organists Have to Do’. Followed by a ‘Closing Session’.

 Anyone with ideas for possible venues can contact:

Stephen Johns on 01332 764792  or email at

We aim the presentation at 8 -10 yr olds, we are therefore looking at presenting in junior schools. It's best if the school and church are within easy walking distance and if the church has additional room we can use.

Children at the Organ